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Century Sports

We were lucky enough to be invited to Century Sports for some bowling and mini golf! We had never taken the kids to do either before so we were really excited, plus, I was happy to do a different kind of review- one that was 

Studio Bell

This isn’t somewhere I would normally think to bring my kids, but I had heard from a few different people that it was very kid friendly so I really wanted to check it out! The whole building is amazing. It is beautiful, it has high 

Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus

I haven’t been here for years, and I don’t know what made me think of it but we came this weekend and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I’m literally still drooling over it….

When we arrived for lunch it wasn’t busy (thanks to the extremely cold weather) and we were able to get in without a wait which was so nice. Once we ordered the food came so quick and we were in and out within 40min! I love when places move that quick when you have kids with you. We all loved our meal and even though they seem like huge portions, you will be able to eat a whole one to yourself (Yael practically polished off hers all by herself!). That being said, I was full for HOURS after lol.

FYI- It’s very busy in the mornings.
She kept busy with colouring
Only part of the menu, there is a whole other page of pannenkoeken options
Chocolate milk lovers. It’s one of the only ways we get them to sit in a restaurant these days!
Look at the size of this! I put my hand in for reference haha. This was the Vegetarian one and it was amazing!
Yaels- plain with icing sugar
The cutest tiles in the bathrooms
I love the dutch decor
Tried to get this guy to smile but instead got a pic of him “dad-ing”. But, he said it was UNREAL (notice by his empty plate)
Quite small and a bit older but does the trick!
Lots of Dutch treats for purchase

I HIGHLY recommend you check this place out!!

Joso’s Play and Learn Centre

This is a place I recommend to people ALL the time!! I practically lived here when my kids were both under 2. I love it because it is small enough that you can let your older one do their thing without worrying. They should be 

Without Papers

If you’re kids are anything like mine then pizza is probably their favourite food. Yael could literally eat it for every meal and she always requests ranch to dip (she is my husbands daughter!! lol). So today Grae and I went to Without Papers in 

Krazy Monkey

I hadn’t even heard of this place until a follower asked me about it and I use to live like 5 min away from it! How is that possible!?

We finally got to checking it out and it had a lot of great aspects; a good variety of areas where you could play, clean and open, big enough you could spend a good amount of time there but small enough you wouldn’t lose your kids… but there was also something that kept me from loving it and I can’t seem to put my finger on what that is.

Reasonable prices
He loved this tractor- and the whole arcade area in general!

Krazy Monkey Info:

  • Open Monday – Saturday 9:30am-9pm & Sundays / holidays 9:30am-8pm
  • Hosts birthday parties & kids events
  • Tokens available for purchase for the arcade (we didn’t try this)
  • Socks required & no outside food allowed (we brought our own snacks and ate them before we noticed the sign… but no one seemed to mind.
  • For more info/ pictures visit the Crazy Monkey Website
Concession, a small but good assortment of snacks & drinks
Toddler area. Was a good size, but a bit worn down in some places (wallpaper & structure padding)
One of the favourite parts of the toddler area

It was pretty busy so I know people love it there and I can see why, but nothing wowed me or made it seem more special then any other play place I’ve been to. However, if you live in the area, I’d say this is a great spot to go if you need to get out of the house.

Favorite parts:

  • 5 yr old girl: It would have been the arcade had we let her get tokens. Otherwise it was the ball pit/screen game and the bouncy castle.
  • 3 yr old girl: The Cinderella carriage and the little car track in the toddler area.
  • 2.5 yr old boy: The loved the ball pit and following his sister around lol.
  • 1.5 yr old boy: The arcade- he was obsessed with the lights!
  • 6 month old- She can sit up herself now so she loved the ball pit!
  • Moms: We liked the size; that all our kids could go run free without assistance and we could easily keep an eye on them.
This was really cool and fun for parents too! You can select different themes and then you throw the balls at the objects to get points.

Overall, the kids did enjoy themselves but I wouldn’t say it was the most fun they’ve ever had at a play place. It was a great set up & layout but not my favourite in the city. It is something you could manage with 2 kids under 2 in the toddler area and there is lots of space for strollers/ baby stuff… haha.

Go check it out for yourself and let me know if you agree!

Lol- do all kids do this!?

Basecamp Resort & Lodge, Canmore

In December we went to Banffs Christmas on the Mountain and decided to make a weekend out of it and stay the night vs. a day trip. Usually when we do this we stay in Banff but we thought we would change it up and 

Communitea Cafe- Canmore

I was introduced to Communitea years ago when I was pregnant with Yael and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Anytime we are driving to the mountains I always try to get my husband to stop there for food. It is SO GOOD! Communitea info: Only 

The Beach YYC

My kids loooove playing in the sand so I was excited to check this place out! It is an indoor volleyball centre with a kids drop in on Monday & Wednesday mornings.

Cute entrance. Has things to buy, spike ball, water bottles, shirts, etc.
The day we went there were so many kids! I was surprised at how many people were there.

The Beach YYC info:

  • Kids drop in is Mon / Wed 10-11:30. $7/ kid. Adults free
  • Must fill out a waiver. Can be done before you go, which I’d recommend because they only had 1 iPad and there were a lot of people there when we arrived.
  • Hosts birthday parties- good idea if you have kids with winter birthdays!
  • A bit cold inside- I’d recommend wearing long pants and a long shirt
  • Limited parking in front of the building.
  • Was a bit tricky to find, you can’t see it from the road. You have to drive into a parking lot, past another building and it is behind that.
  • You will be dirty when you leave! Be prepared with wipes (if your kid wouldn’t wanna use the feet wash station) or a change of clothes, if you’re kids don’t like being dirty/ you don’t wanna bring sand into their car seat.
  • You could bring a stroller in the beach area if needed. There is a cement walk way all around the courts but a carrier would be easier.
  • They are currently working on a cafe upstairs that will open in spring. This will be nice to have a play and a snack!
  • If volleyball/ spike ball is your thing they have a league you can join! (without kids lol)
  • For more info visit the beach YYC website
Snack area

He’s always all about the slides!
Where as she just wanted to run laps. Lol….

 Favourite parts:

  • 3 yr old girl: Running up and down the courts & doing chalk
  • 1 yr old boy: Going down the slide and filling up the digger truck
  • Mine: That it was only 1.5 hrs, that was the perfect amount of time to do something like this. Quick, easy and fun!
Found some chalk- the kids had lots of fun with this.
When she HAS to do chalk “up there!!!!”

My only ‘negatives’ are the cold, but we didn’t dress warm enough- I didn’t know what to expect. The price was fair but I think $5 would have been more reasonable. I’d recommend going for the whole time to make it worth it. There were some kids who weren’t into it and there moms said they wished there was more variety of toys. I felt like there was a good variety and I couldn’t really think of what else/ more they could have but that was another moms opinion. It may be liked better by kids who can easily guide their own play and don’t need mom to think of things.

Love watching them play together.

Overall, I would definitely go back to The Beach YYC! It was fun to do something different, my kids loved playing in the sand and it is something that can easily be done with multiple kids.

Go check it out yourself!

At the end of the 1.5 hrs the kids were pooped!

The Regal Cat Cafe

Who doesn’t love a place whose slogan is Cats – Cuddles – Coffee! Since my kids are such animal lovers, when I heard about this place I knew we had to go and we’ve been SO many times since!  This time we went with 2