The Big Box

Wow! This place was AWESOME. It opened the day we went so they were still working out a few things, but overall we had such a great time. It was huge, but nothing was too big for my 15 month old non walker and nothing was too small for the older kids. I found every area had things young and older kids would enjoy. We were aaaaall exhausted by the end of our trip here. In a good way!

Cost me $14 for entry + $6 for 3 pairs of socks. Not bad!!
Packages if you want to do more then 1 thing

Things to do at the BIG BOX:

  • Play in the leisure lagoon (good for 0-14)
    • The leisure lagoon has an inflatable “beach house”, 2 ball pits, multiple slides, behive climber for little ones,  giant rope/ nest climber thing (lol), volcano climber, lego castle, ball blaster, berry spinner, giant climber, etc!!! 
  • Virtual Box
  • Scribble box
  • Hado
  • “On the fly” ropes course (14+ alone and 8+ with an adult)
  • Arcade (costs extra, must get $ put onto a card)
  • Bumper cars, “Happy Bumper”
  • Eat at the concession 
Giant ball pit. Multiple slides go into here and that big colourful thing on the right is a climber for big kids.
More slides
Tube slide. Was so fast but so fun! 

We spent about 3 hours here which was lots for us, but we could have easily stayed longer if we didn’t have to worry about naps and cranky kids! There were so many different areas to play in, it is almost impossible to get bored. 

Part of the lego/ building area
Volcano climber and slide
The kids LOVED this berry spinner. I went on it too and then Yael and I couldn’t walk straight for a few min lol

Other info:

  • Must wear grippy socks, they sell them for $2 but you can also bring your own, if you have some. 
  • Like most places, you must fill out a waiver. Unlike most places, the entrance is so spacious and filling out the waiver isn’t creating chaos at the till. When you enter, go right to fill out the waiver and left to pay. This was the best waiver set up I’ve seen. 
  • There is parking in the front and the back. Parking in the front is a bit small, when we left around noon people were circling trying to find a spot.
  • Location is across 64ave from Deerfoot city. You can see the building from Deerfoot. Pretty easy location to get to no matter where you live in the city. 
  • The place to leave your belongings is inside the leisure lagoon which is nice, but there are no lockers. I saw a few moms walking around with their purses/wallets which is a bit of a drag. If you don’t trust leaving your things unattended, only bring in what you need! 
  • Staff was SO friendly. They were very attentive to all our needs and thanked us so many times for coming.
  • Can host birthday parties and events
Small ball pit 

My only negative is it is SO big that there are a lot of blind spots and it is the kind of place that you have to go on all the equipment with the younger kids. So if you have two small kids, I wouldn’t recommend going alone. It is definitely a place you want to go and divide and concur with another mom or your husband (or whoever!!). There were so many moms jumping and climbing through all the equipment following their toddlers, with small babies in carriers. I have been there and that is no fun! This is not the place you go to sit and relax while your kid goes and burns steam (go to Tommy K or Joso’s if you wanna do that!). I wore a sweater and regretted every minute of it because I was sweating so bad lol.

Beehive climber

Favorite parts:

  • 4.5 yr old girl: Everything!! 
  • 2.5 yr old girl: Jumping in the beach house and the berry spinner.
  • 2 yr old boy: The arcade. 
  • 1 yr old boy: He could do most things! He loved being in the small ball area and being able to keep up with the bigger kids in the giant climber. 
  • 4 month old- She wasn’t a fan because mom was going in and out of the structured so she couldn’t nap in the carrier, lol.
  • Moms: We loved that this place was good for all ages and a VERY reasonable price! Every kid (besides the baby) had a great time and it was even fun for us to try things! (Faith slightly disagrees because she was climbing with a 15lb baby in a carrier, lol!) 
Giant structure to climb/play in
See… a mom with a baby in a carrier climbing through lol. (This is my friend)

Overall, I’d HIGHLY recommend going but be prepared when you do if you aren’t a 1:1 ratio with your kid(s). We had a blast but it was also a lot of work. We will be back though!! 

The beach house. A HUGE inflatable area. Good for all ages. 

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