Country Hills Library

This is our ‘home’ library because it is the one we come to the most, even though there are about 4 other libraries all equal distance from our house. We love it here because of the great kids area, it is attached to the gym and it has a jugo juice. Often times I’ll drop the kids off at the gym in the morning (alone time from the kids- hello!) and then once I’m done well grab a Jugo and hit the library. We can easily spend 3hrs here between the 3 things! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings they also have a drop in gym for $7 so so you could add that on too if you wanted!

So many fun Dino themed reading nooks
A fun puppet station (other side had props)

Country Hills Library Info:

  • Lots of free parking
  • Dinosaur theme- which kid (and adult) doesn’t think that’s the best!? (this theme is fairly new- it got renovated just before Christmas)
  • Attached to Vivo- which has child minding, a gym, a pool, etc.
  • Has a Jugo Juice on site
  • Attached to Panther physio, kids can go to child minding and you can have an appt. and finish with a visit to the library
  • Vivo is also starting a Gen H project which is pretty cool if you want to drop into that as well as the library. If you haven’t noticed, I love 2 ‘play dates’ in 1 place!
  • For more information on Vivo, visit their website
  • For more information on the Country Hills library, visit their website
More reading nooks!
Checking out the ‘fossils’
Baby area
How cool is this Dino rib cage!
Rocks you can play on! Every kids dream haha

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