The Bro’Kin Yolk

We love this place! We are so glad to have one close to us in the NW. 

Such a good system. This is the info for the North location. I highly recommend you use this.

A few of my favourite things about the Bro’kin Yolk:

  • A kids menu
  • Friendly staff
  • Highchairs and booster seats
  • The meaning behind their name (read about us on their website)
  • It’s farm to table (I LOVE this about a place. It makes me feel not as guilty for eating unhealthy food lol) 
  • The chalkboard at the front to keep the kids entertained while you wait
Kids menu. Also has $2.75 mini Belgium waffles

Yael is a picky eater so we’ll usually order her a Belgium waffle or just toast and peanut butter and a smoothie. 

Grae will eat anything so I usually will get him a waffle too and he will eat lots from our plates to give him more variety (which he loves).

A fun chalk board to colour on while you wait

I’m typically a healthy eater and love anything with green foods….. but I am MORE obsessed with truffle anything so I always get the truffle, ham and wild mushroom breakfast poutine. Not healthy at all but omg…. it is freakin’ good.

Dan likes a typical breakfast, eggs, sausage, toast, etc. So his favourite on the menu is the farmers breakfast. 

These weren’t our meals but we ate ours too fast I couldn’t get a picture lol

Going with kids:

  • Go before 9:30 and before it gets too busy
  • Order your kids drinks in a cup with a lid (tap water = free but otherwise whatever you get the lid just keeps things a bit cleaner)
  • Use the waitlist system. Nooooo one wants to wait 30+ min to eat with kids. Call before you go and then you can walk right in when they text you. (FYI they do not take reservations- but with this waitlist system it doesn’t really matter)

I highly recommend this place. It is not only amazing food and a local business but it is also very kid friendly. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Now I’m hungry. Maybe we’ll go tomorrow 😋

For more information visit their website

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