The Hangar flight museum and the Edward LaBorde viewing area

We wanted to try something different than a play place today so we tried the Hangar flight museum! It was SO cool.

You could look but not sit in any

The kids ran around on cloud 9 for about 10 min looking at all the planes, but after that there wasn’t much to keep their attention.

There are 3 different areas to check out; the main building, downstairs and upstairs and then a tented area across the path from the main building.

I think our kids were a bit young for it, but if you have a kid who loves airplanes, it’s worth a visit! It really is so cool. I was blown away by the different planes. But for kids 5 and under, it wasn’t somewhere you could spend much time and it is a bit pricey.

For more info on the museum visit their website

This was in the tented area

After the museum we drove down McKnight for about 2 min and went to the Edward LaBorde viewing area to watch the airplanes come it. It was such a perfect spot but unfortunately it was so windy so they were all coming in on a different runway and we didn’t see any up close. If they had of, it would have been so cool so it is definitely something we want to do again on a calmer day!

At the viewing area waiting for a plane

Favorite parts:

  • 4.5 yr old girl: the big planes!
  • 2.5 yr old girl: Sitting in the helicopter and the hot air balloon
  • 2 yr old boy: The toy planes in the gift shop!!
  • 1 yr old boy: The snacks. He could have cared less about the planes
  • 4 month old- also the snacks (boob food).
  • Moms: We tried something new and found a place we’d definitely want to come back to once the kids are a bit older.

Overall we had a fun time but were disappointed there wasn’t more for the kids to do and that we didn’t see any planes land up close to us. The museum is definitely somewhere I would come again once the kids are a bit older and we’ll be back to the viewing area on a calmer day very soon!

We asked if there was anything interactive and he said no, but let us sit in this helicopter.

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  • thank you for posting this review! I was planning on going with my 2 yr old to this place. but I think I will skip it until he is much older. I am so glad I read this! thank you once again!

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