Jumble District

I was pleasantly surprised by this place!! At first I was nervous because:

  1. My kids are under 3 and I thought it would be crazy because of any bigger kids 
  2. I wasn’t sure how capable they would be in a place like this
  3. I was a gymnastics coach for years and I know the importance of trampoline safety and wasn’t sure how safe I would feel about small kids being able to access this many trampolines!
Trampline park

But I’m happy to say that my nerves instantly went away when we were there. It wasn’t busy so we didn’t have to worry about other kids bouncing around us, there were workers everywhere monitoring what people were doing, it felt like a safe set up and there were specific areas for smaller kids. I think if it had of been busier with bigger kids then I may have felt differently, so if you are going with smaller kids I’d recommend going right when it opens! 

Toddler play area
Things to do at the Jumble District:
  • Practice Dunking like a pro
  • Jump in the tramp park
  • Play dodgeball 
  • Play in the toddler district play structure or on the toddler court trampolines
  • Climb the climbing wall (you’ll need a staff to help you get harnessed up)
  • Play the climbing wall game
  • Play in the 4 level play structure
  • Sit at the tables and have a snack
  • Attempt the monkey bars and balance beam over the foam pit
Dodgeball area (poor Grae, always misses his morning nap for this lol)
Jumble District info:
  • Open every day 10-7, except Friday & Saturday is open until 9pm.
  • 1-5yrs $14.75, 6+ $16.75 (different prices on weekends). Adults and under 2 is free. 
  • Has a youth and adult dodgeball leagues
  • Has birthday parties 
  • Everybody must sign a waiver (this can take a while standing in line waiting for everyone to fill it out, so sign one out before you go) 
  • Has a concession
  • Has a play structure and trampoline area just for toddlers 
  • There are a lot of lockers to store your things.
  • For more info visit the Jumble District website
This wall was waaaaay too hard for them. But they had fun climbing up a bit and falling with the auto belay

The kids were all over the place playing on something different every minute. They loved it! But as a parent, my only issue was there were a lot of blind spots. It was hard to watch one kid on the trampolines if another was in the play structure or sitting at the tables having a snack. For this reason I’d recommend going with someone else who can divide an concur with you. If you are looking to go somewhere relaxing to sit and chat with a friend, this would not be the place to go (unless your kids don’t need constant supervision). But if you’re up for some fun too, this is the place. I had a lot of fun jumping with the kids! 

Dunk like a pro! Different height hoops for different ages/ capabilities 
Favorite parts:
  • 4.5 yr old girl: The climbing wall
  • 2.5 yr old girl: ‘Falling off’ the climbing wall in the auto belay
  • 2 yr old boy: Throwing balls at each other on the dodgeball trampolines 
  • 1 yr old boy: Had so much fun bouncing on his bum!
  • 2 month old- Playing peekaboo with Yael
  • Moms: Watching the kids have so much fun at a place we weren’t sure about.  
Climbing wall game

Overall we had a great time. The facility was brand new, the staff were friendly and helpful and it was very clean. I’d say it is good for all ages, but not something you’d wanna do by yourself with 2 small kids. 

Check it out! 

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