Flip Factory

Today we went to the flip factory! It’s a gymnastics centre with a drop in area upstairs.

We arrived when some classes were being let in and out so it was quite busy with no one sitting at the front desk. After a bit of confusion on what I should do, I saw a sign that said to pay when you leave if this happens. So we went upstairs (towards the main gym and on the right). I wasn’t expecting it to be busy but it actually was! All the parents who had their older kid in a gymnastics class were upstairs using the drop in with their smaller kid. Such a smart idea!

The drop in area is small, but completely matted with lots of different equipment to play on. It all seems fairly new and very clean. We spent approx 1.5 hrs there and that was plenty. The kids had fun but we couldn’t keep them entertained for much longer then that.

Flip factory drop in info:

  • Drop in is for 0-5 yrs
  • Open 9am-8:30pm everyday except Sunday.
  • Has a baby spot aimed for babies not yet moving. This part was closed when we were there so I couldn’t check it out
  • Available for birthday parties
  • Can use the drop in while your older kid is in a class
  • $8.50 per kid
  • Has a concession that serves food and drink (when it’s open. It was also closed when we went)

Downstairs gymnastics centre

Favourite parts:

  • 2.5yr old girl: Jumping in the bouncy house
  • 1yr old boy: Riding the rocking horse
  • Mom: It’s easy to keep an eye on both kids and not a lot they could get hurt on

The flip factory is a great place to try if you need to switch up your normal routine with your small kids. It isn’t a place you could come often without getting bored, but it’s perfect if you want to register your kid in a class and still be able to keep your other one entertained. I’d also recommend it if you have 2 small kids, including a new baby since it’s small enough you could sit and nurse and still watch your other kid(s).

Give it a shot!

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