About me and what to expect from The YYC Mom


Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m so excited to get started and talk about aaaallll the things with you. But for now, I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and the purpose of this blog so you can either get excited and follow along… or not. 😉

About Me

I have been married to a wonderful man named Dan for 4 years (together for 9, 3 of which were long distance!) and we have three wonderful kids together. Our daughter Yael who is two and a half and a complete firecracker, our son Grae who is one and the happiest kid with the best chub and I can’t leave out our furry kid Harvey, the most relaxed eight year old pup who will happily lick your face off.

4+ years ago!! So much has changed since then, haha!

A few fun facts about me:
  1. I eat popcorn all the time. Probably 3x a week. 
  2. I applied and attended the University of Lethbridge for school all because my friend needed a roommate.
  3. I had never had a cavity in my life until I had my son. Then I got EIGHT. Luckily only 4 needed fillings and 4 were ‘fakers’. 
  4. My best friend and I made up a stupid nickname for each other to make fun of someone else’s nickname and somehow it stuck. 10+ yrs later and now my kids have an “Auntie Shug”. LOL
  5.  Dan and I are vacationers- not travellers. Up to this point we would rather sit at the beach for a week and relax then travel around and explore. I’m hoping one day we switch, but for now, relaxing is top priority.
Vacationing on our honeymoon in Bora Bora

About The YYC Mom

I absolutely love being a mom. I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to do at this time in my life and that is a great feeling. But that doesn’t mean I’m perfect or am claiming to have this whole thing figured out. I have a lot of questions, insecurities and worries like any other mom. Especially as a mom of 2 kids 19 months apart. With that age gap there are a lot of hard parts (like SLEEP) but the one thing I really struggled with was finding things I could do with both of them, safe places we could go and beating those feelings of being tied down to the house. I turned to google and other mom blogs for ideas but most of the time that left me at a standstill. They either didn’t have the info I was looking for, the info wasn’t practical for 2 under 2 or they were based in a different city. I thought someone needs to create a resource with information on where to go and things to do with your young kids in Calgary. Something you can read to make you feel more comfortable going to certain places, take away some of the intimidation of trying new things or knowing what to try and what not to try with your kids. Then I thought, why not me! Days later (ok, maybe a month) The YYC Mom was born.

 I have a lot planned for this little blog, but my biggest hope for The YYC Mom is that we can build a community where we all help and learn from each other. I want this to be a resource you can turn to so that you can be the best YYC mom possible, in whatever way that looks for you. But you don’t just have to be from Calgary to find this blog useful. I have a lot of other things planned that you may find interesting as well…

What to expect from The YYC Mom
  • Weekly Reviews on kid friendly places and/or things to do with your kids in Calgary (play places, outdoor parks, pools, festivals, restaurants, hotels, etc).
  • Weekly roundup of what’s going on for kids that weekend
  • A community of Mom’s helping Mom’s. 
  • Stories about the Sh*t no one talks about (infertility, miscarriage, postpartum blues, anxiety & depression, etc.) 
  • Realness and sometimes oversharing.
  • Lots of bullet points- unless it is a good story, to many words bore me and I am not a writer! 

My vision for The YYC mom will take me a while and I will need all your help with ideas and new discoveries, but helping moms is something I am passionate about and anything I can do to make your life easier- I want to do! So help me, help you! I am here for you and I am not going anywhere. Well, unless my hubby tells me to get a ‘real job’. 😜

I am equally as excited as am I terrified, but this felt like the perfect time to take a leap into something new. So, in the words of Becca our newest Bachelorette…. Let’s do the damn thing!!! 😉

Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “About me and what to expect from The YYC Mom”

    • This is fantastic! My kiddos are bigger now but there is definitely a need for this resource!!! I love that you are an avid popcorn eater as well – I hate to say it but my hubby and I eat popcorn together pretty much every night!! 😊

      • I’m glad you think this is useful!! And there is no shame in my popcorn game. There shouldn’t be for you either! 😉

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