I had been to Tommy K Play quite a few times before, starting when Yael was about 8 months and just learning to crawl, and I thought it was great. The baby/toddler area was perfect for that age because it had age appropriate toys and a play structure that they could be safely challenged on. It was also enclosed so it was easy to keep them in one place which made it perfect to sit back and chat with a friend.

Baby/ toddler area

But once she got to be 1.5 and Grae was in the picture, it was harder to come to. Yael didn’t want to play in the toddler area anymore but the big kid structure was too big for her to do herself. I also wasn’t able to go on with her because I had to watch Grae. We took almost a year break from going because it wasn’t practical at those ages/ skill levels, but I was happy to see that now at 2.75 (lol) and 14 months it was perfect again.

I should mention that Grae is 14 months and still not walking. So perhaps if you had a walker / a more physically “advanced” baby at that age you would have a different experience. But he was happy in the baby/toddler area and didn’t care to try the big kid area at all.

Big kid play area 

Anyways, this place has become a fav again. The big kid area is big but our 2 yr olds were able to get around so easy and they loved it. My only concern was the slides. They were so fast and long and I saw a few kids (including my own) get freaked out and fall over and hit some part of their face/head. I would recommend only confident sliders do these alone haha.

Things to do at Tommy K Play:

  • Play in the play structures
  • Have a snack at the tables
  • Play time freak, which is a light game (red vs green) where you have to hit the button that lights up and the team with the most at the end wins.
  • Jump on the trampoline. It has a divider so there are 2 sides.
  • Go on the climbing wall. This has a height requirement and I think a staff has to be working in order to use it. I didn’t see one while we were here.
  • Play in the raceway. This area has little car things and a little road to follow. The kids likes this but couldn’t spend tons of time in it.
  • Play laser tag (must be 5yrs+)
Light game
Climbing Wall

Tommy K Play info:

  • Open every day 9:30-8:30

  • Under 1 and adults are free (I love when a play place has adults free. I’ve never understood why I’d have to pay when I’m clearly not there just for myself…)
  • Twilight and early bird pricing (but I find it to be very reasonably priced anyways)
  • You can rent a room for a birthday party
  • For more view their website
Birthday Party Room

Favorite parts:

  • 4.5 yr old girl: The big kid play structure
  • 2.5 yr old girl: The trampolines
  • 2 yr old boy: The big kid play structure
  • 1 yr old boy: The car toy in the toddler area
  • Moms: There was something for all ages and we could sit and chat while watching them all at the same time.

I’m glad we came back here and that it is a place both kids can have fun at again. We had a great time (besides Grae missing his nap and Yael hurting her face on the slide) and we will be back. It’s very clean, still seems brand new and very reasonably priced.

Go check it out!!

2 thoughts on “Tommy K Play NORTH- CLOSED”

  • I can’t believe some places charge adults to go!!
    Knowing that Tommy K Play doesn’t charge would definitely a number 1 selling point for me!

    You’re doing such a great job Michelle I love reading your posts and can’t wait until I have kids in Calgary! 🙂

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