Baby shower shopping guide

Is it just me or is everyone pregnant these days!! I guarantee you know someone whose pregnant or maybe YOU are pregnant. Regardless of which category you fall in, here’s my shopping guide to get ideas of what to buy as a gift or what to ask for as a gift. Because trust me, no one needs 25 0-3 month sleepers….

For the Practical Mom

  • You cannot go wrong with diapers! My top picks are Pampers or Bamboo Nature. I personally didn’t like Huggies or Honest company diapers…
  • Nose Frieda or Hydrasense nasal aspirator (aka snot suckers). I never thought I’d be the mom who sucked her kids boogers when they had a cold but these things are life savers (and not as gross as you’d think)! It is something you don’t think about until you NEED it and then you’re desperate, sending your husband out at all hours of the night trying to find the right thing (I’m speaking from experience here, lol).
  • A baby healthcare / grooming kit. Because nail clippers and a thermometer are a must!
  • $$$ for the babies RESP
  • A gift basket with all the essentials! Include the above, as well as:
    • D-drops – buy from Costco!
    • Tylenol – buy from any pharmacy
    • Oxyclean baby for stains (works soooo good) – buy from Superstore
    • Gripe water – buy from Superstore
    • Anything weleda or mustella brand for baby

For the Second Time Mom

  • Food! Home cooked meals, freezer meals, groceries of easy to grab snacks (apples, trail mix, yogurt and aussie bites (from Costco) are a few of my go to’s) or a delivery service from Hello Fresh, Chefs Plate or Good Food.
  • A spa gift card. If this Momma has 2 little ones she will crave quiet time and time to be pampered. Trust me!!
  • Drop in passes to their favourite gym or fitness studio. Bonus points if you find one that has baby sitting or child minding!
  • Earth mama + angel baby healing products. Any of these items for after baby care for the mom will be such a nice treat. – Buy from West Coast Kids
  • House cleaning services. This one needs no explanation. I would have loved this gift even before I had kids but now it’s even MORE needed!
  • An annual Membership somewhere they like to go (the Zoo, Telus Spark, Butterfield Acres, Granary Road, etc.)

For the Mom you want to spoil

Unique gift ideas

  • An Oxeye Floral picture. A perfect nursery room addition. She has all types of animals, colours or even letters. A plus is she’s local!
  • A Little Beans water colour painting of their “first baby” aka a pet! She is also local!
  • A wine basket with labels indicating when to open the bottle. This might be my favourite of all the ideas!!

Other ideas you can’t go wrong with:

Things I don’t recommend buying:

  • The baby bullet. Although a genius idea, I found using my blender and ice cube trays worked just as good.
  • Cloth Bibs- I got a silicone bib and I rinsed it after every use and never used any others!
  • Peepee teepees for boys- again, another great idea but I didn’t find they worked great and I also never had a problem with my boy peeing when his diaper was off so I really never had to use them or worry about it!
  • Bottles- I’d leave this up to the Mom to buy. I had so many and exclusively breastfed so barely used any of them until my kids were older. And then they might be picky with the kind of bottle. But if you must- I found avent bottles to be the best.
  • Clothes- First of all, everyone buys clothes so they will probably have no shortage there. Secondly, it is so hard to judge what size baby will be when! For ex. my son was HUGE and was in 1 yr clothes at about 4-6 months. All the clothes I got for a 1 yr old was summer clothes and he was fitting into it in the winter! Sadly, none of it worked for us. Plus, all the 0-12month clothes that we got only fit for like a week and then he outgrew it. So that was also a disappointment because so many of the cute clothes we got he couldn’t even wear.

And last but not least, instead of a card buy a book and write a special note inside. It will last longer, get more use and in some cases could cost the same.

Happy Shopping! 🙂

FYI- I also saw a lot of these things on if you shop there instead of Amazon!

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