Granary Road

Oh My Gosh. This place is freakin awesome! 

I kept seeing other people post about it but living in the NW and it being a 45 min drive from my house I kept putting it off. 

My friend (who btw lives in Airdrie, a 53min drive!!) and I decided to bite the bullet one day and just do it. As I was driving deep south, then outside of the city, and then to what felt like to the middle of no where, I was so nervous about making my friend drive all that way and hoping it would be worth it. 

Luckily, it was! 

Getting to Granary Road:

  • It’s far but an easy drive and signed once you get closer
  • There is lots of free parking 
  • You enter through the market and finding the entry to the park is a bit confusing. Go to the back of the market and turn right and entry is through the gift shop
  • Admission is $17 for an adult, $13 for a child and under 3 is free. No drop in family rates
Entry to the Active Learning Park is in the west side of the building

The Active Learning park is unlike anything I have ever seen. There are so many different exhibits and each one has a unique theme. I feel like any kid would love this place. We spent about 2hrs in the park and made it to 9/11 exhibits before the kids started getting antsy for lunch.

The Active Learning Park info:

  • Open year round everyday 9am-5pm
  • There are 11 different exhibits
  • Exhibits are not suited for kids who are not yet walking. I’d recommend 2+.
  • All the exhibits are big enough that you can fit in if you need to be with your kid(s)
  • The path from exhibits has some paved parts and some rocky parts. Keep this in mind for shoe and stroller choices
  • There are a few bathrooms located throughout the park. Each one is very big too, my friend had a stroller and 3 kids all in one! 
  • The Orchard Treehouse and the Arachnid web were a bit advanced for our kids (2months-4.5yrs). The Orchard Treehouse you could go in to help but the Arachnid web would be tricky
  • The petting zoo only had goats to pet and a few chickens that you can feed. All the other animals are just to look at
  • There are different teachings at each exhibit. Our age of kids didn’t care for that, but it would be fun to read with older kids
The rocky path
Small climbing wall in the Bat Cave Hang Out
The slides here are big but not too fast. I know because I had to go down a few lol 
Goats to pet at the Petting Zoo
By the Petting Zoo there is a cute cotton candy stand that makes the cotton candy into faces/ animals. FYI- the faces are made from seaweed. Watching the kids find that out was 😂😂 
Good signage all over, but it would be impossible to get lost
Chicken Coop
The Ant Farm, probably all our kids fav

Once we finished at the adventure park we went to the market for lunch. Some vendors were closed but there were still other good (but kinda expensive) options for lunch. We got perogies for the kids and fish tacos for the parents. Both were SO good! 

Market info:

  • Open year round 9:30am-5:30pm
  • Closed Mondays
  • Has covered pavilions for outside seating
Had to finish off the day with a popsicle! 

Favorite parts:

  • 4.5 yr old girl: Arachnid web
  • 2.5 yr old girl: Petting Zoo & Ant Farm Adventure
  • 2 yr old boy:  Ant Farm Adventure
  • 1 yr old boy: He sat in the stroller most of the time- not the best for this age UNLESS they are walking. 
  • 2 month old: snuggles in the carrier (what else is new)
  • Moms: lunch!! And tired kids 🙂

Overall we had such a great time! The park is fairly new so it is in perfect shape and with lots to do it is easy to move on if the kids are ever bored. It was totally worth the drive and we will definitely be going again. Highly recommend!

Other Granary Road info:

  • You can have birthday parties, field trips, company events, weddings, etc there
  • It has a restaurant called The Loft 
  • Would be a fun date idea! You don’t need to have kids to enjoy
  • I suggest going on a playdate and bringing the dads so they can play with the kids and you can walk around the market with a friend. Lol! 

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