Riley Park

Riley park is another great park with multiple things to do. We spent the afternoon/evening here on a +30 day and lots of people had the exact same idea!! 

We started at the park, but quickly felt too hot so we headed to the pool.

Big kid area of the park 
Toddler area of the park

Park Info:

  • It has a big kid area and a toddler area
  • Lots of picnic tables around the park
  • There is paid street parking right beside the park
  • The park is fenced in and beside a large green space
  • There was an ice cream truck parked on the road right beside the park when we were there. Cash Only.
Back half of the pool

The pool was PACKED! Luckily Riley park is very big so there was lots of room for everyone and we never felt crowded. There is also a lot of shade in the afternoon which was exactly what we were looking for.

This is the depth the whole way around the pool 

Pool info:

  • Open 9am-9pm
  • Washrooms & change rooms close by
  • Completely fenced in
  • There are a few blue fountain “water features”
  • While we were there we saw 2 birthday parties, one on the centre island and one by the washrooms. 
  • Lots of grass to sit on and lots of shade
  • There is a free parking lot on 8 ave NW
I saw a few kids slip on this little lip going into the pool

Overall we had a great time, however, the pool and washrooms are a bit run down which makes them both seem dirty. If I had to choose between Riley park and Bowness Park I would choose Bowness. But, you will still have a great time if you go to Riley park. The kids loved it and it is nice to spend time together as a family somewhere free and outside! 

Our picnic spot

Favorite parts:

  • Yael- 2.5 yrs: Floating in the pool and getting a popsicle 
  • 1 yr old boy: climbing on the water feature  
  • Mom & Dad: It’s always fun having days like this as a family  
Did I mention there are great trees to climb? 
Other Park info:
  • Location: 800 12 St. N.W.
  • Lots of places to sit, throw a football, play soccer, etc. 
  • Has an amphitheater
  • Senator Patrick Burn Memorial Gardens is in Riley Park
  • For more info visit their website
More bathrooms outside of the park, near the free parking lot

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