Currie Airport Playground

I use to work at Mount Royal and would drive by the Currie Barracks all the time. I watched it transform from that to Currie and I was in LOVE with the neighbourhood! I always told Dan that I wanted to live there, but $$$$, lol. The neighbourhood is a dream; the green space, the beautiful homes, the location, PLUS they have so many plans to make it even better. Here what’s up:



The Airport Playground

  • Located at 3951 Trasimene Crescent SW
  • Lots of free street parking
  • Surrounded by mature trees which provide good shade
  • Universally accessible and inclusive
  • Rubber play surface (way better and safer than the gravel / rock / sand alternatives)
  • A variety of different equipment to challenge and inspire your kids (slides, swings, climbers, airplanes, and more)
  • A SOLAR table with four AC and four USB power outlets for charging phones, tablets and other devices while on the go (I’m all about green technology! Lets save the world people! One solar table at a time! 😋).
  • Visit their website for or more info on the Airport playground and the Currie community

    This climber was about the only thing the kids couldn’t do

I’ll be honest, going to a new playground on my own with 2 young kids (who think they can do everything by themselves) can be intimidating. I never know what to expect and sometimes we only last 10 min because it’s just too much for me. But this was not the case at the Airport Playground. Getting use to the playground at first was work because you have to teach the kids how to do things, but eventually the kids got it and could do most of it by themselves. There we’re some ‘risky’ spots and even though it gave me a small heart attack (mostly for Grae- the 2 yr old), I know the kids are learning good life skills through this type of play. And honestly it is good to show our kids we trust them and their abilities when they do things like that! I love empowering them by taking a step back and letting them do their thing. 💪🏻


An example of something that gave me a small heart attack. But he could and did do it himself!
This slide was a total hit! They did it the most out of anything. Not too fast and totally accessible for both kids. Also, notice the solar table and see saw to the right and swings behind on the left.

For a bit of a break, we had a snack at the solar table which was awesome, but there were a lot of other benches around the park for snacks as well. We stayed for an hour and honestly could have stayed longer but #lunchtime.

Solar table! Perfect for snacking, working on the go, or charging your devices!
Small nature play area


The kids had so much fun, there was so much to keep them entertained and it was even fun for me. 10/10!! (and I’m not just saying that, it was rated one of Canadas coolest playgrounds!) Go check it out and let me know what you think!IMG_6455-2.jpg

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