Vecova Recreation

I heard about Vecova about 3 years ago when Yael was just a baby. It seemed to be where everyone was taking their babies swimming for the first time, but I never made it there.

This year, we were trying to get Yael more comfortable in the water and we thought registering her in swimming lessons there, where it was warm, might help. The first lessons was her crying on the side the whole time, but after that she totally got the hang of it and is now doing so well! One day I checked out their program guide and that’s when I found out about how kid friendly it was!

Yael in her swim lesson

Vecova Recreation info:

  • Open every day of the week with varying hours, depending on the day
  • Has the warmest pool in the city at 34 degrees (most pools sit around 29).
  • Has a large variety of Parent and Baby classes on land and in the water (see picture below)
  • Offers summer camps (see picture below) and birthday parties (dance, gym, sports, yoga, etc) for kids 4-12.
  • Has drop in open gym and family swim- check their schedule for dates and times
  • Extremely reasonable prices on all of its programs and drop ins!
  • For more information visit the Vecova Recreation website

Ready. To. Play.

When I went with the kids we did the drop in gym at 10 am, followed by the family swim at 11am. We did each for about an hour and that was plenty, however, the kids could have stayed in the pool A LOT longer! That was the highlight!

The open gym is Monday and Friday mornings. There is a good variety of toys to play with and it wasn’t too busy. My kids sometimes need help getting creative in this type of environment so it wasn’t like they ran around having a blast the entire time, but they definitely burned off steam and it was CHEAP! All the prices are very reasonable here.

Then we went to the pool and my friend didn’t join so it was just me and the 2 kids. I’ve done this before at a different pool and it was tricky. One of those times where the kids have fun but you are stressed and running (or should I say swimming) around like crazy the whole time. BUT I didn’t feel like that AT ALL here. It might have been because my kids are just a bit older then the last time, but what also definitely helped was that at Vecova let you bring in your own lifejackets/ water wings. Yael has never been a lifejacket girl so anytime we have to wear the ones supplied by the pool she’s not too happy. This was great because I brought her wings and she could do her own thing. They also had pink floaties for young kids which was great! Again, the other pool that I went to didn’t supply those so I had no where to put Grae. This time, I put Grae in there about 50% of the time and had him with me the other 50%. This worked great!

Trust me, he was having fun! lol. He just didn’t want me to get out to take this picture haha

There was also a ramp to go into the pool for wheelchairs, but all the kids seemed to play there. It was shallow so they could touch and all the toys could be on the edge. We played here a lot because then Grae could somewhat do his own thing too. Besides the ramp, the slide was a huge hit. Grae is starting to talk more and more now and it was so cute because he kept saying “again!” for the slide.

This was the ramp that they played on.
The highlight for Grae!
Yael was happy to try the floaty while Grae went on the slide a million times.
We had a blast!
FYI- all the photos are courtesy of the lifeguards, lol. This was as good as they were going to get since they had a real job to do 😂
How awesome is this!? Its a chair on the wall of the changeroom for babies while you get dressed. I’ve never seen this before!
A concession for an after play treat!
They also have a large variety of summer camps!
Check out all these kid friendly classes! I totally want to try the Toddlecize

Overall we had a great time. It was an easy and cheap morning and I had such a blast spending quality time with the kids in the pool. Vecova is a very old building so it’s not as fancy as some of those other Rec centres in Calgary, but honestly it didn’t have to be. We still had fun and the fact that the water was warm was a huge bonus!! And I know everyone is always looking for cheap activities with kids and I would say this is a great option!

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