The Heart of Bragg Creek

It was Sunday morning and it felt like our first morning waking up as a family in a LONG time. We wanted to make the best of it and have fun so we were debating between the Zoo, trying out a new library or maybe even a new park since the weathers finally smartening up. THEN, I remembered seeing the Heart of Bragg Creek somewhere and suggested we go there. Dan was all for it and well, the kids had no choice ;). We made the drive which isn’t that far, 35 min from my house, and we were very excited to eat! Since going more plant based I’m always trying to show Dan that it can taste good and even the same, so I was excited he wanted to try it. Even though he has been a great sport and totally jumped on board as well.

When we got there, it was a bit tricky to find because it is tucked into the trees, but it is literally right off the main highway so extremely easy to find once you know. Basically you turn into the main part of Bragg Creek and then take your first right. Right across the road from the new gas and burger station…. ironic. lol

This is the entrance. It is attached to a little store as well.
The menu. Delicious. Every. Single. Thing.
We got the banana toast, the cashew cheese toast, the avocado toast, the mushroom soup (Dan said it was the best he’s ever had), 2 peanut butter cookies and a muffin. All vegan!

Some of the cool things they have for sale
Cashew cheese toast
Avocado toast
And this cute little outside patio. It was just a tad too cold for us, but next time well be out here for sure!!

When we arrived, there were so many shoes at the door but no people! We weren’t sure what was up with that, but near the end of our meal a yoga class let out and everyone came out of yoga and got a treat from the cafe. How amazing is that! That is seriously my perfect morning. Yoga and a healthy snack!

Our time there was so peaceful and fun. We enjoyed our morning so much and I can’t wait to go back. Whether you are plant based or not, I think you should try it! You seriously would never know, the flavour are all so no point. A beautiful spot, friendly staff and delicious food. And it wasn’t busy at all so it was perfect with kids who want to explore!

After breakfast we went down by the river to throw some rocks
It was such a beautiful and slow morning and I loved every min of it!!!!!

I highly recommend taking a little road trip out of the city to try the Heart of Bragg Creek and enjoy being outside in such a beautiful place!!

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