I’ve been wanting to check out Wymbin for so long and one morning they posted their drop in schedule on Instagram and we had nothing going on, so we went for it! And so glad we did.

Down a couple stairs to this cute door

WYMBIN info:

  • Located under Junction 9
  • Street parking, not a lot of it close by
  • Has registered classes and drop in classes
  • Drop in parent & tot was $22 which includes 2 adults and 2 kids. I love this because there aren’t many classes where you can take 2 kids to 1 parent. Maybe one day well get dad to join, too 😉
  • Other offerings include; Preschool, birthday parties, camps, yoga in schools.
  • You can drop your kids off at Wymbin and go to Junction 9 for your own Yoga or Pilates class
  • Has a class called Yoga Sprouts which is for 2-5. You can drop your kids off and work upstairs at Junction 9 for a couple hours -uninterrupted.
Drop in schedule
All the classes and different things they offer

We went to the Monday Parent & Tot drop in class and it was fun! Definitely wasn’t a work out for any of us, but it was some good bonding time while doing something different. Yael loved following along with the book the instructor read and the associated poses, and Grae liked running around with the other kids who weren’t following along either, lol.

The class was definitely a bit chaotic at times (there were lots of people there – moms and dads – and other parents with more then 1 kid, too!), but the instructor did a good job keeping the class moving and really, what else can you expect in a class with kids!?

The studio we were in for our Parent & Tot drop in class
The kids were totally into it at the start
She kept up all class. Grae did not lol
Trying to do yoga with kids lol
Got to make some music
These snuggles!!! ❤️ Best Shavasana ever!
Yael even rolled up her own mat at the end of class

Afterwards we sat in their lobby and had a snack while checking out all the things they have for sale.

Having a snack in their cute lobby
Things they sell- Kids yoga books, clothing, Little Larch, etc.
How cute and fun is this.

We were getting ready to leave Wymbin when I heard someone say they were going upstairs for a snack… so I thought we had to go check that out too! It was only 6 short stairs to get there and it was awesome! There was a cafe where you could get healthy smoothies, komboucha, coffee and tea as well as healthy cookies, little tucker bars, salads, and lots more. They also had things for purchase like sports bras, drizzle honey, gut lab products, routine cream products and other fun goodies.

Junction 9 is a pilates and yoga studio and what I like the most about it is you can drop your kids of at Wymbin then come to a yoga/ pilates class here, or you can drop your kids off at Wymbin and just come and grab a coffee, work and/ or relax. I totally wanna do that one day! But Grae has to turn 2 first… (insert feelings of wanting that to happen soon but also never wanting him to grow up) 😩.

Junction 9 lobby
The cafe in Junction 9

Overall it was a fun morning. Yael enjoyed the yoga class at Wymbin and Grae enjoyed the snacks at Junction 9. I loved doing a structured class with both kids since were never able to do that, but my faaaaavourite part was the snuggle I got with both kids during shavasana.

I’m not sure if this class is something I would do regularly, but it’s definitely fun for once and a while and awesome you can bring the whole family. And I’ll keep you posted once I’m able to try Yoga Sprouts and drop both kids off!

We will be back!

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