Saddletowne Library

We stumbled upon this library as we were going somewhere else and to be honest, it wasn’t my fav. The kids area was spread out in some areas and squished in others and besides the amazing features; like the spaceship reading nook and the giant air balloon, there was nothing to play with that grabbed our attention for long. The air balloon was even filled with high school students so the kids couldn’t play in it. None of us were too excited about this one. But, it was a part of a large Rec complex and I do love when they are like that. It is a place you could have a few play dates in one.

This is awesome!
Kids area is kinda squished into this area
LOOOOVED this. I would work in there myself haha

Saddletowne Library Info:

  • Attached to Genesis Place and a YMCA
  • Lots of free parking
  • Has a Jugo Juice
  • Has child minding, a preschool and childcare
  • Another great place to have a few different play dates in 1.
  • For more information on the Saddletowne Library visit their website
Puppet station- I didn’t see any props, but it was a bit messy/ busy in there
Fun place to play for kids.
It had a couple tables with small activities on them.

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