Giuffre Family Library

This library totally surprised me. Like most libraries in the city, they had a small kids area and I thought it would be a quick play before the kids lost interest, but I was wrong! This library actually has so many different play stations to play at that we stayed for over an hour and we all had fun!

The small play area. It doesn’t look too special, but there are so many fun stations
Grae loved this duplo table! He watched a ‘big boy’ play with it and then learnt what to do! (love that!)

Giuffre Family Library info:

  • Stand alone building on 14th ave near Marda Loop
  • Use to be names the Alexander Calhoun Library
  • It says there is a parking lot on their website but I only saw street parking
  • It was really promoting its drop in activities which is great
  • For more information on the Giuffre Family Library visit their website
I think that was the first time Yael but on a ‘real’ puppet show. We both had fun here! There were a lot of different animal puppets to choose from.
There was food for the kitchen that you could cut in half. We did this a million times lol
Cutting more food at the kitchen… p.s check out those necklaces 😂
Covering a table with paper is a brilliant idea for kids!!

I can’t see you coming to this library specifically for this play area, but if you live around here or are in the area and need to kill some time, I think this is a GREAT place to stop in! We had a a lot of fun!

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