Century Sports

We were lucky enough to be invited to Century Sports for some bowling and mini golf! We had never taken the kids to do either before so we were really excited, plus, I was happy to do a different kind of review- one that was a whole family outing with friends!

Century Sports info:

  • The casino is completely separate from the family sports area
  • There was a slight smoke smell when we walked in
  • Very friendly and helpful staff. It really seemed like they loved their job.
  • Open 12pm-10pm most days, 10am-12am on weekends
  • They host corporate events, birthday parties, etc.
  • For more information (and pricing) visit the Century Sports Website
This “big girl” was so proud she could do it all by herself

We started with bowling and that was really fun. We got 2 lanes, 1 for the adults and 1 for the kids. The kids lane had bumpers and the little dino helper. We also ordered some drinks and that was fun to hang with our friends while having a drink and the kids being entertained too! Bowling lasted about 30 min until the kids kind of lost interest and wanted to go to the mini golf. Luckily we got some food and that helped hold them over a bit longer.

Momin’ so hard 😆
How cute are they ruling this lane, haha

Thanks to this Dino helper and a kids bowling ball, Grae could do it by himself!

The food was good but a typical pub type food. We got the veggie platter which was really good and really fresh, the pizza which was good and the kids of course loved and the Mac and cheese bites. Grae loved these, the parents did not lol.

What we ordered, drinks not pictured 😉

After that we went mini golfing, which was glow in the dark. The kids loved this! They were too young to follow the course properly and actually play, but we had fun walking through it and seeing the whole set up (such a fun course!) and attempting to hitting a couple balls. This also didn’t hold their attention too long, but we still had fun even though we moved on quickly.

Mini golf- it was really hard to get any good pictures in the glow in the dark- but their website could give you a better idea!

Lastly we went to the arcade. This was for sure the kids favourite part, we spent the most time here! We all had fun! The kids liked trying all the games (and winning prizes) and the Dad’s got competitive which was fun to watch. They literally spent an hour trying to conquer this one game and we pretty much had to drag them away when it was time to go lol!

Yael’s favourite game!

The kids had so much fun in here

The games part of Century sports is completely separate from the casino and really big, there were so many people there and a lot of other families with little kids. Even though it was busy, we were still able too move through all the activities easily and it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Favourite Parts:

  • 3 yr old girl: The driving car game in the arcade
  • 3 yr old girl: The bowling and the stuffed animal things they won from the arcade
  • 1.5 yr old boy: He loved bowling and clapping for everyone lol.
  • Parents: We had such a fun afternoon as a family and with our friends. It was great doing something different and trying something new!

Overall we had a great afternoon! We were so grateful for the invite and loved trying new things with the kids. Go check it out yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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