Studio Bell

This isn’t somewhere I would normally think to bring my kids, but I had heard from a few different people that it was very kid friendly so I really wanted to check it out!

The different exhibits on each floor
Learning about some local talent while having a snack lol

The whole building is amazing. It is beautiful, it has high quality displays and overall very well done. However, with 3 kids under 4… there was not much for them. I think it would be GREAT for kids 5+, but unfortunately for us we came when they were a bit too young. The only really interactive area for our kids was the Soundbox on level 4 which was great and where we spend the most time.

In the Soundbox
Eye Spy 3 little kids…. This was another place we spent a lot of time.
Lots of places to listen to different types of music and instruments
LOTS of piano playing happened here!

Studio Bell info:

  • Paid parking only. There is street parking and also a lot close by. I believe I paid $4/h in the lot.
  • Closed Monday & Tuesdays
  • Adult entry is $18 and 3-11 is $11. Under 3 is free
  • Hosts after school programs and summer camps
  • Hosts a variety of concerts, events and exhibitions
  • ROSSO coffee shop attached
  • For more information visit the Studio Bell website
In the recording studio making the next big hit 😉

Overall, it is definitely a MUST SEE in Calgary, but I would keep any kids under 5 at home. They all had fun, but it wasn’t quite worth it for this age quite yet.

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