Joso’s Play and Learn Centre

This is a place I recommend to people ALL the time!! I practically lived here when my kids were both under 2. I love it because it is small enough that you can let your older one do their thing without worrying. They should be able to do everything themselves, you can’t lose them and they can’t really get hurt. Now that the kids are older, (Yael is 3 and Grae is 1.5) it is great because they can BOTH do everything themselves. The only time I have to jump in is when Grae is dangling off a ledge because he can’t find the step to get down. LOL

Plasma cars (there was only 2 and they weren’t being played on much)

When my kids were both under 2 this place was great because Yael could go play by herself and I could stay at the bottom with Grae and watch her. If she ever got caught up, I could leave Grae at the bottom laying on a blanket on the floor (sometimes asleep haha) and go get her. It is small enough that I wasn’t worried about leaving him alone and I could see both kids no matter where I was.

I got a membership which was only $100/year and it was great because if we just had an hour or 2 to burn, or a small window between nap time, we could go there and it was quick, easy and not overwhelming.

This car is ALWAYS popular when we are here
Small play area for younger kids
A good size slide- that you aren’t worried about your kids going down (unlike the big slides at other places lol)

Joso’s Info:

  • North & South Locations. Both have a play structure, host birthday parties and have a preschool and kindergarten.
  • North is only open to the public on Saturdays. But is open daily to the kids in the school programs.
  • South is open daily to the public (check their website for hours)
  • Has deal days (ex. $5 family Mondays, double punch card Wednesdays, etc).
  • THE PERFECT SIZE for little ones and VERY 2 under 2 friendly!!
  • Has a cafe with a few hot snacks, coffee and others.
  • For more information visit the Joso’s website
Grae can do most of it himself!

We went on a Saturday and it was quite busy but nothing overwhelming. Kids cried and you just had to double check if it was your kid (haha), but otherwise was totally fine. There were still seats for everyone and lots of variety for the kids to play with.

During the week it is not nearly as busy, except before and after preschool / kindergarten drop off. Those kids typically go in a bit before and a bit after which makes it busier for that short period of time. Sometimes this was nice though because then the kids had ‘friends’ to play with.

Preschool & Kindergarten rooms program

Favourite Parts:

  • 3 yr old girl: The ice cream
  • 2.5 yr old boy: That he could do everything himself.
  • 2 yr old girl: The ball pit
  • Moms: Love that we can sit back and let the kids do their thing and actually have a conversation!!!!
I think we can all appreciate this. I always wonder how often a place is cleaned.

Like I said, I loved this place when my kids were younger. It’s still great now but since they are bigger we can venture out and try new places as well. If you have a little one, or multiple little ones this is the place for you!

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