Without Papers

If you’re kids are anything like mine then pizza is probably their favourite food. Yael could literally eat it for every meal and she always requests ranch to dip (she is my husbands daughter!! lol). So today Grae and I went to Without Papers in Inglewood.

Not only is it in a trendy neighbourhood, it is also such a cool little spot with a lot of unique pizzas!

Look for the red door, otherwise it is tricky to spot! Then you have to go up a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant (no strollers)
They play old classic movies all the time. Perfect to keep the kids entertained!
Grae ended up “eating” on my lap. Also this cup of water ended up all over our laps shortly after this was taken…

Grae ended up not being hungry at all so I ordered all this food and he didn’t even eat one bite. He started getting antsy and wanting out of his seat (FYI highchairs are the claw style that clip onto the table) so he wandered around the restaurant for a bit and the staff were so friendly and nice to him. Besides the stairs to get up into the restaurant, it was totally safe for him to puts around a bit.

P.s. PJ’s are OK as clothes until they hit 2, right?! lol
Arancini balls 🤤
Kale cesar salad (a bit too much cheese in my opinion)

Reasons we like this spot:

  • Inglewood is a fairly central location
  • PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA (as Yael would say)
  • The movies they play are great to keep kids entertained
  • Friendly and welcoming vibe
Such a cool, welcoming spot!
Shroom Pizza (good but probably would order something different next time)

This is a great spot in Calgary (rated one of Calgarys best!) and definitely somewhere I would recommend going if you wanna meet up with friends but you have to bring the kids.

To see their menu head to the Without Papers website.

Check it out!!

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