Communitea Cafe- Canmore

I was introduced to Communitea years ago when I was pregnant with Yael and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Anytime we are driving to the mountains I always try to get my husband to stop there for food. It is SO GOOD!

Dan loves the Breakfast burrito, I love the Avocado toast and the kids get the grilled cheese / share ours
The Pad Thai is sooo good. I wish I could have that now lol
The Turkey Cranberry Sandwich is another fav, and all sandwiches come with popcorn!

Communitea info:

  • Only offer breakfast and lunch
  • Open 8am- 5-6pm depending on the day
  • Has live music & venue rentals available
  • Can order online! When we are in a hurry or my husband doesn’t want to eat there I do this so we can be quick but I can still get what I want!
  • VERY kid friendly
  • 2 gender neutral bathrooms with a change table with diapers and wipes if you need!
  • For more info visit the Communitea website

My FAVOURITE part of it is that they have a kids area with that little Ikea kitchen everyone has and toys! It is perfect while you wait for your food or even while you eat your food (in peace!!).

I recommend this place 100%, even my husband whose not as into healthy and fresh food as me always likes his meal (lol). Go go go!!

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