Basecamp Resort & Lodge, Canmore

In December we went to Banffs Christmas on the Mountain and decided to make a weekend out of it and stay the night vs. a day trip. Usually when we do this we stay in Banff but we thought we would change it up and stay in Canmore instead!

In September I ran a half marathon in Canmore and I saw the Basecamp Resorts and thought they looked cool so I decided to book there for the weekend. The prices were very reasonable for Canmore and the rooftop hot tub looked AMAZING.

Keep the stairs in mind- if you have a stroller or a lot of luggage it could be a pain

When we arrived we were informed that we booked the LODGE not the RESORT. Even though they are owned by the same company and right beside each other, they are different hotels and have different rules. This meant that we wouldn’t be able to go in the hot tub since we were booked in the Lodge. This wasn’t good because what are you suppose to do with kids all night in a hotel!? We needed the hot tub!! Lol. It’s one of our favourite parts of a weekend getaway!

We asked if we could switch and luckily they did have a room available. We were a bit disappointed that the 2 hotels were separate and we honestly had NO clue about that when we booked. Yes, I saw there was a Resort and a Lodge option but I thought the only difference was the rooms, I figured you’d still be able to use the amenities of both.

The guy working at the front desk was really nice and called the manager to see if he could price match the other room because we weren’t to keen on paying an extra $70/night just to use the hot tub, haha. The manager agreed and we got our new room.

When we got there it was a nice looking room. Not too big, but big enough. If we were staying there longer then a weekend it would feel small, but I’d say most hotels would! Usually when we go away with the kids I like to separate them by a wall at bedtime, whether that’s just around a corner or our personal fav…. putting one in the bathroom (if it’s big enough- lol!). But this room wasn’t big enough to do either, so they were across from each other. I was a bit worried about this but it ended up being fine!

Thankfully they were both so tried from the day that they fell asleep easily!

The hot tub was not far from our room but it was up a few flights of stairs. This was a bit of a pain with the kids in the cold. In the summer it would be totally fine. But not doable with a stroller!

The hot tub has a blocked off lounge area but it wasn’t fully enclosed so it was still cold getting undressed and dressed. The clean towel bin also wasn’t full the couple times we went so my husband would always scout it out first, then call the front desk to restock and then we’d go.

The door had a key pad that you use your room code to get in with

The hot tub was nice because it was outside on a rooftop so the views were stunning, but it wasn’t very big. I think it could comfortably fit max 10 adults. The fact that it wasn’t big was nice for the kids though. Yael could touch the bottom all the way around and she loved that. She had a blast!

This is the trip she really learnt about mountains! Now she always points them out.

We were a bit chilly after the hot tub and realized the heat in our room wasn’t working. We called the front desk and they told us there was a space heater to turn on. We tried this but turns out we were using the A/C because we didn’t even have a space heater in our room to use. The front desk guy came to help but had to leave and come back a few times before it was fixed. This was not a huge issue, but we did feel like we were calling him a lot (between the heat and the towels). It was funny because the same guy who checked us in also refilled the towels and also fixed our heat. It was a one man show!

Even though we did run into a few snags, the customer service was really good. There was nothing kid specific and it is a no frills hotel (which you can tell by the price) so it isn’t the most convenient hotel for kids (honestly in that area nothing beats the Banff Springs with kids!), but it wasn’t bad. I would totally go back to the Basecamp Resort for a bachelorette party or weekend getaway with just Dan, but I think if I was going with my kids I would pick somewhere else.

Other info:

  • There was no restaurant attached to the hotels. The BLAKE is across the street and very good (fairly kid friendly) and downtown there is a cafe called Communitea (VERY kid friendly and amazing food- see my blog post on Communitea here).
  • A continental breakfast came with our Lodge room, but we couldn’t access it with the Resort room. It was basic; fruit, yogurt, bagels, cereal…
  • Each room in the Resort got their own parking spot. The lodge had a small open parking lot.
  • The resort can fit up to 14-16 people in a room in a 6 bedroom suite. If you’re looking to go with a big group I think this would be a great option.
  • Communal BBQ for all guests
  • It is BUILT GREEN to reduce its environmental impact through less energy, less water and built with less waste. I LOVE this!
  • For more info visit their website

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