The Regal Cat Cafe

Who doesn’t love a place whose slogan is Cats – Cuddles – Coffee!

Since my kids are such animal lovers, when I heard about this place I knew we had to go and we’ve been SO many times since! 

How many cats can you see in this picture?? 

This time we went with 2 other families (8 kids total!!!!) and it was fun, but the cats were totally overwhelmed by all of us. They hid most of the time.

When I’ve gone just with my 2 kids, the cats want to check us out and play, which is super fun for them. So if you do go in a big group, being quiet and calm is key. 

They had so much fun. Until all the cats went to hide lol
All the cats here are adoptable through the MEOW foundation. 322 have found homes!! 

I am actually quite allergic to cats, but they keep it quite clean and I am careful not to touch the cat and then my face, so they haven’t been an issue when I come. Only one time did they really flare up. Otherwise, I’ve barely been able to tell that I have allergies when I’m there! 

Here kitty kitty (notice all the board games you can play while in here)

Regal Cat Cafe info:

  • Open 10:30am- 7:30pm or 9:30pm on weekends
  • $10 per person for 45min with the cats (under 1 is free)
  • You can request to go in for half the time and only pay $5
  • You can make a reservation- I never have but I never go at peak times
  • Up to 12 different cats to play with! 
  • Has a cafe with gluten free and vegan goodies. We tried almost everyone between the 8 kids and it was all good!!  
  • You can bring your coffee and snacks in with the cats
  • All cats are adoptable and they get new cats in all the time (sometimes even kittens!)
  • Hosts lots of different kinds of events.
  • You can also host an event here
  • They have board games to play
  • For more information on anything listed above, visit their website 
So much stuff to buy for the cat lover in your life! 

This place is very clean and well maintained. Playing with the cats and then having a small treat makes for a nice hour and a half ish outing. It is good for all ages of kids and since it is in a small room, it is even good with 2+ kids close in age. The $10 per person is a bit pricey (I think I paid $45 total for our entry and for our snacks) but it is fun to do every once and a while for something different.

Our kid crew waiting for snacks! 

Go check it out yourself! 

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