We tried Treehouse hoping that it would be Tommy K Play-ish in the way that the kids could burn energy but us parents didn’t have to work too hard. lol. It was mostly like that but to be honest, we weren’t a fan.

Tables in the middle of the building

As a mom of a 3yr old and a 1.5 yr old, I wasn’t a fan of the layout. The big play area and the toddler area are on opposite sides of the building. Yael is still just a bit small for the big play area so I still need to keep an eye on her but being on the other side of the building with Grae in the toddler area makes that tricky. 

Birthday party rooms

Treehouse info:

  • One in South & North Calgary
  • They host birthday parties and always have special events going on
  • Adults & under 1 is free. Friday- Sunday prices are different. 
  • Lots of free parking out front of building
  • Socks required
  • Has a old musky smell…
  • Has a cafe with lots of food and drink options
  • Has an arcade, play structure, toddler area, car track, climbing wall and shooting range. 
  • For more information visit their website 
Free lockers

At one point we were all playing in the toddler area with other moms and their kids. My friends 5yr old was in it too and while she is not a toddler, she was not causing any trouble, she was playing nicely and none of the other moms minded.  Then all of a sudden a worker came in with a meter rule stick and said “You are too big, get out”. Faith and I were sitting RIGHT THERE watching this and were shocked that this just happened and the worker did not say anything to us about whose kid this was and just simply have a conversation with us. We couldn’t believe she kicked the 5yr old out and then left. My friends daughter who got kicked out was so embarrassed she just ran away and we had no clue where she went. It was handled so rude that it rubbed us both the wrong way. 

My friend then tried to speak to a manager about it and he totally shrugged her off and didn’t seem to care. Coming from a large customer service background I know how easy it is to make a situation like this right, or just diffuse a situation- even if you don’t feel like you or your worker is in the wrong. But he didn’t do anything. Not even an I’m sorry. It really left a bad taste in both of our mouths.

Bouncy castle

Favourite parts:

  • 5 yr old girl: She didn’t have the best experience… 
  • 2 yr old girl: The spinner in the toddler area
  • 2.5 yr old boy: The arcade 
  • 1.5 yr old boy: He had a great time in the toddler area
  • 6 month old- The toddler area had bouncers she could sit and play in
  • Moms: We liked that the kids were burning energy, but otherwise we weren’t overly impressed by anything. 
Shooting range
VERY BUSY toddler area. This picture gives me a headache lol 

The situation above, plus the weekend cost, the layout and the old casino like smell, we decided we will not be back. 

Car track – it is pretty dark everyone inside 

2 thoughts on “Treehouse”

    • That’s too bad. I understand they have to enforce their rules, but if they aren’t being a bother to anyone I don’t see the problem! Or even just telling the mom if it gets busy with little kids could you please get them to leave. I don’t know, I think there are a lot of other ways to handle that!

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