The Beach YYC

My kids loooove playing in the sand so I was excited to check this place out! It is an indoor volleyball centre with a kids drop in on Monday & Wednesday mornings.

Cute entrance. Has things to buy, spike ball, water bottles, shirts, etc.
The day we went there were so many kids! I was surprised at how many people were there.

The Beach YYC info:

  • Kids drop in is Mon / Wed 10-11:30. $7/ kid. Adults free
  • Must fill out a waiver. Can be done before you go, which I’d recommend because they only had 1 iPad and there were a lot of people there when we arrived.
  • Hosts birthday parties- good idea if you have kids with winter birthdays!
  • A bit cold inside- I’d recommend wearing long pants and a long shirt
  • Limited parking in front of the building.
  • Was a bit tricky to find, you can’t see it from the road. You have to drive into a parking lot, past another building and it is behind that.
  • You will be dirty when you leave! Be prepared with wipes (if your kid wouldn’t wanna use the feet wash station) or a change of clothes, if you’re kids don’t like being dirty/ you don’t wanna bring sand into their car seat.
  • You could bring a stroller in the beach area if needed. There is a cement walk way all around the courts but a carrier would be easier.
  • They are currently working on a cafe upstairs that will open in spring. This will be nice to have a play and a snack!
  • If volleyball/ spike ball is your thing they have a league you can join! (without kids lol)
  • For more info visit the beach YYC website
Snack area

He’s always all about the slides!
Where as she just wanted to run laps. Lol….

 Favourite parts:

  • 3 yr old girl: Running up and down the courts & doing chalk
  • 1 yr old boy: Going down the slide and filling up the digger truck
  • Mine: That it was only 1.5 hrs, that was the perfect amount of time to do something like this. Quick, easy and fun!
Found some chalk- the kids had lots of fun with this.
When she HAS to do chalk “up there!!!!”

My only ‘negatives’ are the cold, but we didn’t dress warm enough- I didn’t know what to expect. The price was fair but I think $5 would have been more reasonable. I’d recommend going for the whole time to make it worth it. There were some kids who weren’t into it and there moms said they wished there was more variety of toys. I felt like there was a good variety and I couldn’t really think of what else/ more they could have but that was another moms opinion. It may be liked better by kids who can easily guide their own play and don’t need mom to think of things.

Love watching them play together.

Overall, I would definitely go back to The Beach YYC! It was fun to do something different, my kids loved playing in the sand and it is something that can easily be done with multiple kids.

Go check it out yourself!

At the end of the 1.5 hrs the kids were pooped!

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