Market Mall Food Court

I’ve recently received questions about what I feed my kids at Mall food courts, so I thought I would show you our favs and healthy, easy options that your kids will eat! Today I will focus on the MARKET MALL FOOD COURT.

πŸ’š means meatless options, ❌ is a place I steer clear of and πŸ’œ is our favs!

A & W πŸ’š βŒ

  • I typically steer clear of A & W because it is not a healthy choice. Plus, my kids hate hamburgers. 
  • The one ‘good’ thing about this place is they do have the new beyond burger (meatless) and it is actually so good!! You would NEVER know it isn’t meat. 
  • If you are plant based this could be an option for you. But keep in mind that just because something is vegan or vegetarian, it doesn’t mean it is healthy.

Bourbon Street Grill

  • I’ve actually never eaten here. It has good reviews but it looks all deep fried which is not a good option for kids (or yourself!)

Cedar’s Deli πŸ’š

  • I’ve eaten here once and it was good!Β 
  • Not something my kids would eatΒ 
  • But, their moto is ” Revitalize healthy eating while reducing individual and corporate environmental impact” and I’m all about that!Β 

Chachi’s Sandwich Bar πŸ’š πŸ’œ 

  • ONE OF OUR FAVORITES (plus it started in Calgary!)
  • I love the Turkey Sandwich
  • The kids get the grilled cheese sandwich. (Make sure you get regular ketchup instead of sriracha ketchup).Β 
  • They have a kids grilled cheese but it is only half of a sandwich and with 2 kids I get the regular one so they can both have a half.
  • You can also swap the Texas toast with rye because the Texas toast is a bit thick. My kids don’t mind it but just so you know.Β 
  • I’m just waiting on Chachi’s to get some kinda kids meal deal!!!

Crepeworks πŸ’š

  • I’ve never eaten here. I love crepes but they are a breakfast treat for me so I never feel like them for lunch. 
  • Also, seems like it would be really messy for kids. 

Dairy Queen/ Orange Julius βŒ

  • I steer clear of this place. 
  • If you want a smoothie- go to JUGO and if you want an ice cream go to Yogen Fruz. Those are WAY healthier alternatives.

Dirtbelly πŸ’šπŸ’œ 

  • I love Dirtbelly if I’m craving something fresh and healthy.
  • The only problem with it is my kids would never eat it and the salad selection rarely changes so it can get a bit repetitive. 

Edo Japan 

  • I like Edo but it is not something I would give my kids or something they would even eat
  • To make your meal healthier get brown rice, extra veggies and limit your sauce! 

Extreme Pita πŸ’š

  • I use to eat here a lot!
  • It is a healthier choice, but hard to feed small kids a pita.
  • They do have bowls now which would be a good option to share with kids who just need a healthy snack / small meal
  • Also they have a kids menuΒ πŸ‘‡

Famous Wok

  • I never eat here either. I do love Chinese food but it is something you should limit and I wouldn’t recommend for kids.

Jugo Juice πŸ’šπŸ’œ 

  • Love Love Love Love
  • The kids love all the smoothies and it is a healthy option for everyone!Β 
  • My fav is the clean kick and my kids love it too.Β 
  • I often order a full size and then split it into 2 small glasses and ask them to cut the straw to size. Then the kids both have one and it keeps them quiet in the stroller for… a bit lol.Β 
  • The only thing that disappoints me about Jugo is that the smoothies are never full to the top!Β 


  • My least favourite place in the whole world. I honestly don’t know why anyone would eat here. (Sorry KFC!) 🀒 

Kim Chi Korean Delight πŸ’š

  • Not somewhere I eat, but Korean food can be healthy if you make smart choices 
  • Limit your sauce and always have veggies

Nam Vietnamese Kitchen πŸ’š

  • Vietnamese is one of my fav foods. It is fresh and fairly good for you, but I do not like the taste of it from here.
  • I see lots of people with it every time I go, but I haven’t gotten on the NAM band wagon yet…. 
  • Also, my kids aren’t fans of Vietnamese food either.

New York Fries πŸ’šπŸ’œ

  • I get the kids a hot dog & fries from here. Just make sure to cut up the hot dog because it is quite thick for kids.
  • Not my first pick, but sometimes Yael beeeeegs for a hot dog.Β 
  • This is one of the few places you can get chocolate milk. That is usually a treat for our kids but they love it.Β 
  • and I LOVE the veggie poutine, but I try to refrain 😬 

OPA! Of Greece πŸ’šπŸ’œ

  • If you and the kids just need a snack, the pita and hummus is a great option!Β 
  • I love OPA but it isn’t somewhere I go with the kids too often
  • But they do have a kids mealΒ πŸ‘‡

Ripe Tomatoes Pizza πŸ’šπŸ’œ 

  • The kids menu is the bomb (we always choose the juice box & yogurt) AND kids eat FREE every TuesdayΒ 
  • My kids are obsessed with pizza so they are always happy when we go here
  • It isn’t the healthiest option, but definitely better then a majority of the others. I also like that they get a variety (pizza & yogurt) for a decent price. Β 

South St. BurgerΒ πŸ’šπŸ’œΒ 

  • This place is good and claims their beef is steroid, preservative and additive free, which Is good. It is also Canadian.
  • Not somewhere we typically go, but it is tasty.
  • Another place to get a hot dog and fries for the kids. 
  • Also has veggie burgers. 

Subway πŸ’š

  • Subway is a healthier option but I find it hard for small kids to eat.Β 
  • Not something I get often with kids in tow

Taco Time βŒ

  • The only item from here I’d recommend is the tater tots…. but there are better options.
  • I never eat here. It’s another one that is 🀒 to me

Thai Express πŸ’š

  • I love Thai food but my kids would never eat it.
  • My fav is the small tomyum soup with shrimp. 

UMI Sushi Express πŸ’š

  • This would also be a healthier option but it just isn’t as fresh as I’d like so I never eat here.Β 
  • But, getting a cucumber, avacado or yam roll would be good for kids.Β 

Yogen Fruz πŸ’šπŸ’œ

  • We always have to finish a mall trip with an “ice cream” 
  • I’m not sure how this tradition started but honestly it works so well to get them to sit still while we head back to the car (which is sometimes hard to do when they are getting tired and grumpy from being there)

How to save money and eat healthier at the food court:

  • Bring your own water bottle and DON’T drink your calories.Β 
  • Don’t walk/shop and eat. You will mindlessly eat and probably end up eating more then you need.
  • Don’t go when you’re starving (or on your period lol). You will probably order more then you need and order something that isn’t the best option.Β 

What do your kids love at the food court? Did I miss anything good? Would you like me to do this for another mall? Let me know!!  

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