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Currie Airport Playground

I use to work at Mount Royal and would drive by the Currie Barracks all the time. I watched it transform from that to Currie and I was in LOVE with the neighbourhood! I always told Dan that I wanted to live there, but $$$$, 

Vecova Recreation

I heard about Vecova about 3 years ago when Yael was just a baby. It seemed to be where everyone was taking their babies swimming for the first time, but I never made it there. This year, we were trying to get Yael more comfortable 

The Heart of Bragg Creek

It was Sunday morning and it felt like our first morning waking up as a family in a LONG time. We wanted to make the best of it and have fun so we were debating between the Zoo, trying out a new library or maybe even a new park since the weathers finally smartening up. THEN, I remembered seeing the Heart of Bragg Creek somewhere and suggested we go there. Dan was all for it and well, the kids had no choice ;). We made the drive which isn’t that far, 35 min from my house, and we were very excited to eat! Since going more plant based I’m always trying to show Dan that it can taste good and even the same, so I was excited he wanted to try it. Even though he has been a great sport and totally jumped on board as well.

When we got there, it was a bit tricky to find because it is tucked into the trees, but it is literally right off the main highway so extremely easy to find once you know. Basically you turn into the main part of Bragg Creek and then take your first right. Right across the road from the new gas and burger station…. ironic. lol

This is the entrance. It is attached to a little store as well.
The menu. Delicious. Every. Single. Thing.
We got the banana toast, the cashew cheese toast, the avocado toast, the mushroom soup (Dan said it was the best he’s ever had), 2 peanut butter cookies and a muffin. All vegan!

Some of the cool things they have for sale
Cashew cheese toast
Avocado toast
And this cute little outside patio. It was just a tad too cold for us, but next time well be out here for sure!!

When we arrived, there were so many shoes at the door but no people! We weren’t sure what was up with that, but near the end of our meal a yoga class let out and everyone came out of yoga and got a treat from the cafe. How amazing is that! That is seriously my perfect morning. Yoga and a healthy snack!

Our time there was so peaceful and fun. We enjoyed our morning so much and I can’t wait to go back. Whether you are plant based or not, I think you should try it! You seriously would never know, the flavour are all so no point. A beautiful spot, friendly staff and delicious food. And it wasn’t busy at all so it was perfect with kids who want to explore!

After breakfast we went down by the river to throw some rocks
It was such a beautiful and slow morning and I loved every min of it!!!!!

I highly recommend taking a little road trip out of the city to try the Heart of Bragg Creek and enjoy being outside in such a beautiful place!!


I’ve been wanting to check out Wymbin for so long and one morning they posted their drop in schedule on Instagram and we had nothing going on, so we went for it! And so glad we did. WYMBIN info: Located under Junction 9 Street parking, 

Telus Spark

We absolutely love Telus Spark! Not only are the exhibits incredibly interactive which make learning fun, but everything is such good quality! It is by far one of the best places to go in the city. With OR without kids! Aaaaaand Telus spark is actually 

Central Library

I was eager to check out the new Central library to see what all the buzz was about and the building itself did not disappoint. It was huge and beautiful and extremely functional. However, when we got to the kids area, it was SO busy and I honestly felt a bit underwhelmed.

I’m not sure if it was the amount of people there, or how big it was, or just that there was nothing that really blew me away, but I didn’t feel like the kids had as much fun as other libraries and we left feeling just kinda MEH about it. I was so excited and had such high hopes! We’ll try again maybe once the excitement of it dies down…

On the left there is a parking lot and this picture is from my car on street parking. We entered through the back
So much FREE stuff going on everyday. This is great for families!
Running to the kids area! You go all the way up this ramp around the outside of the building
This ‘slide’ was the highlight for them
Small baby play/ reading area
I love that she loves to read ❤️

Central Library info:

  • Parking is a bit tricky to find. All street/ paid parking
  • There is a small coffee shop in the library and Lukes is attached on the outside
  • For more info on the Central Library visit their website
Having fun in the play structure!
He’d realizing it’s a big world out there with a lot to discover….. lol
The elevators had no directions on what was on each floor, we found this a bit confusing.
Lukes is attached to the library but not IN the library like I originally thought.
Everything was sooooooooo good. We absolutely loved Lukes. However, it was small and very busy as well. But worth it!

Giuffre Family Library

This library totally surprised me. Like most libraries in the city, they had a small kids area and I thought it would be a quick play before the kids lost interest, but I was wrong! This library actually has so many different play stations to 

Saddletowne Library

We stumbled upon this library as we were going somewhere else and to be honest, it wasn’t my fav. The kids area was spread out in some areas and squished in others and besides the amazing features; like the spaceship reading nook and the giant 

Country Hills Library

This is our ‘home’ library because it is the one we come to the most, even though there are about 4 other libraries all equal distance from our house. We love it here because of the great kids area, it is attached to the gym and it has a jugo juice. Often times I’ll drop the kids off at the gym in the morning (alone time from the kids- hello!) and then once I’m done well grab a Jugo and hit the library. We can easily spend 3hrs here between the 3 things! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings they also have a drop in gym for $7 so so you could add that on too if you wanted!

So many fun Dino themed reading nooks
A fun puppet station (other side had props)

Country Hills Library Info:

  • Lots of free parking
  • Dinosaur theme- which kid (and adult) doesn’t think that’s the best!? (this theme is fairly new- it got renovated just before Christmas)
  • Attached to Vivo- which has child minding, a gym, a pool, etc.
  • Has a Jugo Juice on site
  • Attached to Panther physio, kids can go to child minding and you can have an appt. and finish with a visit to the library
  • Vivo is also starting a Gen H project which is pretty cool if you want to drop into that as well as the library. If you haven’t noticed, I love 2 ‘play dates’ in 1 place!
  • For more information on Vivo, visit their website
  • For more information on the Country Hills library, visit their website
More reading nooks!
Checking out the ‘fossils’
Baby area
How cool is this Dino rib cage!
Rocks you can play on! Every kids dream haha

Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

This is easily one of my favourite places in the world!! I have been coming here forever because lucky for me, my parents have a place here. I have so many special memories in Fairmont; snowboard trips with my friends, my first getaway with Dan,