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Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

This is easily one of my favourite places in the world!! I have been coming here forever because lucky for me, my parents have a place here. I have so many special memories in Fairmont; snowboard trips with my friends, my first getaway with Dan, […]

Century Sports

We were lucky enough to be invited to Century Sports for some bowling and mini golf! We had never taken the kids to do either before so we were really excited, plus, I was happy to do a different kind of review- one that was […]

Studio Bell

This isn’t somewhere I would normally think to bring my kids, but I had heard from a few different people that it was very kid friendly so I really wanted to check it out!

The different exhibits on each floor
Learning about some local talent while having a snack lol

The whole building is amazing. It is beautiful, it has high quality displays and overall very well done. However, with 3 kids under 4… there was not much for them. I think it would be GREAT for kids 5+, but unfortunately for us we came when they were a bit too young. The only really interactive area for our kids was the Soundbox on level 4 which was great and where we spend the most time.

In the Soundbox
Eye Spy 3 little kids…. This was another place we spent a lot of time.
Lots of places to listen to different types of music and instruments
LOTS of piano playing happened here!

Studio Bell info:

  • Paid parking only. There is street parking and also a lot close by. I believe I paid $4/h in the lot.
  • Closed Monday & Tuesdays
  • Adult entry is $18 and 3-11 is $11. Under 3 is free
  • Hosts after school programs and summer camps
  • Hosts a variety of concerts, events and exhibitions
  • ROSSO coffee shop attached
  • For more information visit the Studio Bell website
In the recording studio making the next big hit 😉

Overall, it is definitely a MUST SEE in Calgary, but I would keep any kids under 5 at home. They all had fun, but it wasn’t quite worth it for this age quite yet.

Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus

I haven’t been here for years, and I don’t know what made me think of it but we came this weekend and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I’m literally still drooling over it…. When we arrived for lunch it wasn’t busy (thanks to the extremely cold […]

Joso’s Play and Learn Centre

This is a place I recommend to people ALL the time!! I practically lived here when my kids were both under 2. I love it because it is small enough that you can let your older one do their thing without worrying. They should be […]

Without Papers

If you’re kids are anything like mine then pizza is probably their favourite food. Yael could literally eat it for every meal and she always requests ranch to dip (she is my husbands daughter!! lol). So today Grae and I went to Without Papers in Inglewood.

Not only is it in a trendy neighbourhood, it is also such a cool little spot with a lot of unique pizzas!

Look for the red door, otherwise it is tricky to spot! Then you have to go up a flight of stairs to get to the restaurant (no strollers)
They play old classic movies all the time. Perfect to keep the kids entertained!
Grae ended up “eating” on my lap. Also this cup of water ended up all over our laps shortly after this was taken…

Grae ended up not being hungry at all so I ordered all this food and he didn’t even eat one bite. He started getting antsy and wanting out of his seat (FYI highchairs are the claw style that clip onto the table) so he wandered around the restaurant for a bit and the staff were so friendly and nice to him. Besides the stairs to get up into the restaurant, it was totally safe for him to puts around a bit.

P.s. PJ’s are OK as clothes until they hit 2, right?! lol
Arancini balls 🤤
Kale cesar salad (a bit too much cheese in my opinion)

Reasons we like this spot:

  • Inglewood is a fairly central location
  • PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA (as Yael would say)
  • The movies they play are great to keep kids entertained
  • Friendly and welcoming vibe
Such a cool, welcoming spot!
Shroom Pizza (good but probably would order something different next time)

This is a great spot in Calgary (rated one of Calgarys best!) and definitely somewhere I would recommend going if you wanna meet up with friends but you have to bring the kids.

To see their menu head to the Without Papers website.

Check it out!!

Krazy Monkey

I hadn’t even heard of this place until a follower asked me about it and I use to live like 5 min away from it! How is that possible!? We finally got to checking it out and it had a lot of great aspects; a […]

Basecamp Resort & Lodge, Canmore

In December we went to Banffs Christmas on the Mountain and decided to make a weekend out of it and stay the night vs. a day trip. Usually when we do this we stay in Banff but we thought we would change it up and […]

Communitea Cafe- Canmore

I was introduced to Communitea years ago when I was pregnant with Yael and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Anytime we are driving to the mountains I always try to get my husband to stop there for food. It is SO GOOD!

Dan loves the Breakfast burrito, I love the Avocado toast and the kids get the grilled cheese / share ours
The Pad Thai is sooo good. I wish I could have that now lol
The Turkey Cranberry Sandwich is another fav, and all sandwiches come with popcorn!

Communitea info:

  • Only offer breakfast and lunch
  • Open 8am- 5-6pm depending on the day
  • Has live music & venue rentals available
  • Can order online! When we are in a hurry or my husband doesn’t want to eat there I do this so we can be quick but I can still get what I want!
  • VERY kid friendly
  • 2 gender neutral bathrooms with a change table with diapers and wipes if you need!
  • For more info visit the Communitea website

My FAVOURITE part of it is that they have a kids area with that little Ikea kitchen everyone has and toys! It is perfect while you wait for your food or even while you eat your food (in peace!!).

I recommend this place 100%, even my husband whose not as into healthy and fresh food as me always likes his meal (lol). Go go go!!

The Beach YYC

My kids loooove playing in the sand so I was excited to check this place out! It is an indoor volleyball centre with a kids drop in on Monday & Wednesday mornings. The Beach YYC info: Kids drop in is Mon / Wed 10-11:30. $7/ […]