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The Heart of Bragg Creek

It was Sunday morning and it felt like our first morning waking up as a family in a LONG time. We wanted to make the best of it and have fun so we were debating between the Zoo, trying out a new library or maybe […]


I’ve been wanting to check out Wymbin for so long and one morning they posted their drop in schedule on Instagram and we had nothing going on, so we went for it! And so glad we did. WYMBIN info: Located under Junction 9 Street parking, […]

Telus Spark

We absolutely love Telus Spark! Not only are the exhibits incredibly interactive which make learning fun, but everything is such good quality! It is by far one of the best places to go in the city. With OR without kids!

Aaaaaand Telus spark is actually the reason I started this blog! I loved coming with my daughter because of all the different exhibits and it was honestly fun for both of us, but then once I had Grae it started becoming more of a challenge. Yael was at the age where she wanted to play in the large play structure and Grae was at the age where he wanted to move and not sit in the stroller the whole time, but he was way to small to go into the play structure. It got hard to please both of them. I started to feel like it was too big and too spread out.

Side note: one time I mentioned this to a staff member and they said that because there are so many staff everywhere, if a kid is ever lost, they always find them in under 5 min. This was reassuring for me as I ran back and forth trying to watch 2 kids at 2 different exhibits, lol.

Going with a friend helped, but then we were always dividing and conquering. “You take the babies over there and I’ll watch the big kids over here”. This worked, but then it isn’t much of a catch up between you and your friend.

While I loved Telus Spark, I felt like parents needed to know about these things! It is quite expensive to go and the last thing you want is to spend all this money and not enjoy yourself, not be able to actually take in how great it is or it not be what you were expecting. The review/ blog idea was born but I was honestly too chicken to do anything about it lol.

Then, one time when I was at Telus Spark, I was dividing and conquering (again) with a friend and I was watching the big girls on the play structure when all of a sudden a kid started crying. I checked and it wasn’t my girls so I ignored it, but after a while I was wondering why no one was getting this kid. I looked around like “where are her parents!?” when I noticed this mom beside me, stressed and panicked on how she was going to get her kid because she was also holding a newborn baby. I could see her wheels spinning on how she was going to get her crying daughter from this play structure with this tiny baby. I saw she needed help so I went up and asked her if she wanted me to hold her baby. She didn’t even think twice. She gave me the baby (I was in heaven) and she went to get her daughter. It worked out fine, but that moment was when I decided I have to let people know what they’re getting into at these places! Being a parent is tough so if I can make your lives easier at all through this blog, helping you prepare in the best way possible for these places, then I have done my “job”!

Now, onto the good stuff!!

In the Creative kids museum
The play structure. Manageable for a 3 yr old but better for 4+
A fun piano that makes bubbles as you play
Another play station in the creative kids museum
The baby area/ crawling track
“Mom, I’m everywhere!”
This girl was made for the stage!

Telus Spark info:

  • Creative kids museum is open 1hr earlier then the rest, at 9am.
  • Has a really good food court/ cafeteria
  • Lots of parking that costs $10. (You get a discount off your pass if you show your parking ticket)
  • Other exhibits not shown in pictures are: Earth & Sky, Being human, Open studio and Energy & Innovation. We try to make it around to all of the exhibits, but sometimes we just make it to the kids area and whatever special exhibit they have.
  • Can be busy with school groups. There is a calendar on their website that indicates busy / slower times. Definitely check that out before going.
  • If you plan on going more then 3 times per year then a membership is definitely the way to go!
Now time to check out the Circus exhibit!
Circus animals that make noise. This scared the kids a little bit
Worlds strongest baby!!!!
Weeeeee! I did this when I was younger and its so fun!

Favourite Parts:

  • 3 yr old girl: The outdoor park and almost everything in the creative kids museum
  • 1.5 yr old boy: He loves figuring things out and building / putting things together so all the exhibits where he could do that, he was all over it.
  • Me: The quality of this place is unbeatable. From the exhibits, to the equipment, to the staff, its all so good and it is fun and interesting for me too!
It was nice enough to check out the Brainasium- outdoor park!
36 ft up, 63 ft down.

Central Library

I was eager to check out the new Central library to see what all the buzz was about and the building itself did not disappoint. It was huge and beautiful and extremely functional. However, when we got to the kids area, it was SO busy […]

Giuffre Family Library

This library totally surprised me. Like most libraries in the city, they had a small kids area and I thought it would be a quick play before the kids lost interest, but I was wrong! This library actually has so many different play stations to […]

Saddletowne Library

We stumbled upon this library as we were going somewhere else and to be honest, it wasn’t my fav. The kids area was spread out in some areas and squished in others and besides the amazing features; like the spaceship reading nook and the giant air balloon, there was nothing to play with that grabbed our attention for long. The air balloon was even filled with high school students so the kids couldn’t play in it. None of us were too excited about this one. But, it was a part of a large Rec complex and I do love when they are like that. It is a place you could have a few play dates in one.

This is awesome!
Kids area is kinda squished into this area
LOOOOVED this. I would work in there myself haha

Saddletowne Library Info:

  • Attached to Genesis Place and a YMCA
  • Lots of free parking
  • Has a Jugo Juice
  • Has child minding, a preschool and childcare
  • Another great place to have a few different play dates in 1.
  • For more information on the Saddletowne Library visit their website
Puppet station- I didn’t see any props, but it was a bit messy/ busy in there
Fun place to play for kids.
It had a couple tables with small activities on them.

Country Hills Library

This is our ‘home’ library because it is the one we come to the most, even though there are about 4 other libraries all equal distance from our house. We love it here because of the great kids area, it is attached to the gym […]

Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

This is easily one of my favourite places in the world!! I have been coming here forever because lucky for me, my parents have a place here. I have so many special memories in Fairmont; snowboard trips with my friends, my first getaway with Dan, […]

Century Sports

We were lucky enough to be invited to Century Sports for some bowling and mini golf! We had never taken the kids to do either before so we were really excited, plus, I was happy to do a different kind of review- one that was a whole family outing with friends!

Century Sports info:

  • The casino is completely separate from the family sports area
  • There was a slight smoke smell when we walked in
  • Very friendly and helpful staff. It really seemed like they loved their job.
  • Open 12pm-10pm most days, 10am-12am on weekends
  • They host corporate events, birthday parties, etc.
  • For more information (and pricing) visit the Century Sports Website
This “big girl” was so proud she could do it all by herself

We started with bowling and that was really fun. We got 2 lanes, 1 for the adults and 1 for the kids. The kids lane had bumpers and the little dino helper. We also ordered some drinks and that was fun to hang with our friends while having a drink and the kids being entertained too! Bowling lasted about 30 min until the kids kind of lost interest and wanted to go to the mini golf. Luckily we got some food and that helped hold them over a bit longer.

Momin’ so hard πŸ˜†
How cute are they ruling this lane, haha

Thanks to this Dino helper and a kids bowling ball, Grae could do it by himself!

The food was good but a typical pub type food. We got the veggie platter which was really good and really fresh, the pizza which was good and the kids of course loved and the Mac and cheese bites. Grae loved these, the parents did not lol.

What we ordered, drinks not pictured πŸ˜‰

After that we went mini golfing, which was glow in the dark. The kids loved this! They were too young to follow the course properly and actually play, but we had fun walking through it and seeing the whole set up (such a fun course!) and attempting to hitting a couple balls. This also didn’t hold their attention too long, but we still had fun even though we moved on quickly.

Mini golf- it was really hard to get any good pictures in the glow in the dark- but their website could give you a better idea!

Lastly we went to the arcade. This was for sure the kids favourite part, we spent the most time here! We all had fun! The kids liked trying all the games (and winning prizes) and the Dad’s got competitive which was fun to watch. They literally spent an hour trying to conquer this one game and we pretty much had to drag them away when it was time to go lol!

Yael’s favourite game!

The kids had so much fun in here

The games part of Century sports is completely separate from the casino and really big, there were so many people there and a lot of other families with little kids. Even though it was busy, we were still able too move through all the activities easily and it didn’t feel crowded at all.

Favourite Parts:

  • 3 yr old girl: The driving car game in the arcade
  • 3 yr old girl: The bowling and the stuffed animal things they won from the arcade
  • 1.5 yr old boy: He loved bowling and clapping for everyone lol.
  • Parents: We had such a fun afternoon as a family and with our friends. It was great doing something different and trying something new!

Overall we had a great afternoon! We were so grateful for the invite and loved trying new things with the kids. Go check it out yourself and let me know your thoughts!

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Studio Bell

This isn’t somewhere I would normally think to bring my kids, but I had heard from a few different people that it was very kid friendly so I really wanted to check it out! The whole building is amazing. It is beautiful, it has high […]